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Ministries - Worship

Worship service

The Worship Ministry at St. Paul's UCC works closely with the pastor to plan and implement meaningful worship experiences throughout the church year.

The Blessing of Gathering

As you enter our sanctuary, use the pre-service time to prepare your heart and mind through quiet time and prayer.

We welcome your online prayer requests. If you are attending worship in person, find a prayer request card in the pew rack to fill out and hand to an usher before the service, who will see that the pastor receives it.

Ways to Participate

Worship leader/lay reader:  Volunteers read the worship service and Bible passages pertaining to that week's service. 

Acolyte:  Acolytes perform specific functions, primarily lighting and extinguishing altar candles. You will see them at St. Paul’s practically every Sunday morning opening and closing our worship services. The youth serving as acolytes are members of our First and Second Year Confirmation classes.

Tech Team:  Volunteers become proficient in handling the audio, video and streaming needs of worship services in the sanctuary. If you like being hands on and learning the intricacies of electronic equipment, this vital team is a good fit for you.

Decorating Committee:  If you have ever been to St. Paul’s during Advent or Easter, you have seen our sanctuary dressed in its glorious splendor. The group responsible for this beauty is the Decorating Committee. If you have a green thumb and that special gift, here’s a committee for you.

The Sacristy Committee primarily prepares the elements for Holy Communion, which we celebrate on the first Sunday of every month and on other special days of the church year. The Sacristy Committee also carefully changes the paraments throughout the church calendar. Paraments are the colored cloths that adorn the pulpit, lectern, altar, and Lord’s table. Purple paraments are used during Lent, for example.

Music Ministry:  You have several opportunities to help St. Paul's make a joyous noise! Visit the Music Ministry page for an overview of the music ensembles and to reach out to our talented Minister of Music.

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