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Special Events - Renting Our Space

Our doors are open to individuals, families or groups who would like to utilize our building for their parties and gatherings. This is a smoke-free and alcohol-free facility.

Social hall (pictured):  This versatile room can hold up to 250 people. It has a low stage, sound system, piano, adjoining commercial-grade kitchen, elevator and convenient restrooms. You are welcome to decorate and arrange tables to meet the needs of your gathering.


Wheelchair accessible via our Green St. or Arch St. entrances, which offers a small elevator to the social room on the lower level.


Kitchen only (pictured):  Want to bake Christmas cookies with a group of family or friends? Do it here with large work surfaces and multiple ovens. 

Other spaces: Other rooms such as our lounge (pictured) with mini kitchen and conference room can be used for smaller gatherings or meetings.

Tidying up: Please be respectful of the property by cleaning up thoroughly afterward:

  • Return all cleaned furniture, tables, kitchen utensils, etc., to the same place as they were found.

  • Bag and carry your trash to the dumpster on the parking lot beside the maintenance shed.

  • Turn off the lights.


  • Church members: Free but a $50-$100 donation is typical for use of the kitchen.

  • Non-member groups: Ask church office 610.944.0406 or email for pricing.


Reserve early: Both church members and non-members need to reserve in advance to ensure availability. Please contact the church office to discuss your needs.

This is a smoke-free/alcohol-free facility. The building has air conditioning. 

Our location

Other special events:




Large social room example setup
Professional kitchen in church
Roomy lounge with mini kitchen
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