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Special Events - Funerals

St. Paul's U.C.C. sanctuary stained glass

We are here for each other in all parts of this journey we share, including those moments when those whom we love pass from this life into the life eternal.

While there are many ways that families can choose to celebrate the life of someone who has passed, a service within our sanctuary can be incredibly meaningful.


Members of our hospitality ministry will be present to greet visitors and help in any way that they can.


Hymns and other special music can be incorporated along with vocalists and instrumentalists of your choosing.



We have large screen TV monitors in the front of the sanctuary available for slideshows. Just plug in a laptop to run the slideshow. In the event some individuals cannot be there in person, we have the capability to include them via a private, livestream feed.

Following the Service

Our Social Hall is available for families to gather following the service to comfort each other and share in a meal or refreshments.

Arrangements are most often initiated via the funeral home; however, you may also call the church at 610.944.0406.

Other special events:



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