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Stream the 9 a.m. Sunday church service and other special services throughout the year.  Click the images below to watch specific services and visit St. Paul's UCC Fleetwood on YouTube for all services. 

To Sunday bulletins and announcements - Follow along and get current info on church activities. 

Sep. 24 

worship service thumbnail pic
  • Featuring guest musicians the Barnstormers - a Male Chorus

  • The Word: Philippians 1:27-30; Matthew 20:1-16

  • Worship leader: Pastor John Folk

  • To worship bulletin

Sep. 23 Concert by The Barnstormers - a Male Chorus

Barnstormers chorus singing
  • Hosted by St. Paul's UCC Fleetwood

  • Introduction: Pastor John Folk

  • Director: Bill Davis

  • President of the Barnstormers: Norm Lasda

  • 52 vocalists based in states throughout Northeastern U.S.

Sep. 17 - Rally Day

  • Video not available on YouTube

  • Dedication and blessing of educational ministries

  • The Word:  Romans 14:1-6; Matthew 18:21-22

  • Worship leader: Pastor John Folk

  • Special music:  "Jesus Came, the Heavens Adoring" sung by the Chancel Choir

  • To worship bulletin

Sep. 10

  • Children's message

  • The Word: Romans 13:8-14; Matthew 18:15-20

  • Worship leader: Rachel Eberly

  • Special music: “Larghetto" by Johann Franck; Tina Koch, organ

  • To worship bulletin

Sep. 3

  • Communion

  • The Word: Matthew 16:21-28; Exodus 3:1-15

  • Worship leader: Pastor John Folk

  • Special music: “Be Thou My Vision" Irish folk melody

  • To worship bulletin

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