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About Us - Our History

St. Paul's UCC after completed in 1958

St. Paul's United Church of Christ a year or two after its dedication in 1958

Around 1840 - Local residents started a movement in the small rural Pennsylvania community of Coxtown and surrounding townships of Richmond, Maiden Creek, and Ruscombmanor to build a conveniently located union church for both Reformed and Lutheran worship.


1841 - Two acres of land on a site between Fleetwood and Walnuttown were purchased from Benjamin Hoch for $40. Construction began with the laying of the cornerstone. The cost to build the church was $3,000.


1873, this growing community became incorporated as the Borough of Fleetwood.

By 1921 - The aging St. Paul's church became difficult to heat during winter, so both congregations worshiped at St. Paul's Chapel on North Franklin Street. They continued to use the "old church" for spring, summer and fall communions, confirmation and special services for 30 more years. 


1934 - The Reformed congregation merged to become St. Paul's Evangelical and Reformed Church.

In 1952, both congregations agreed to stop using the old church structure, which needed extensive repairs, and to pursue the building of separate churches. Over the next several years, fundraising continued and architectural firms drew up plans for two new stone churches. 


In 1957, the Lutheran congregation moved into their newly constructed St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church at Arch and Laurel Streets. Also that year, the Evangelical and Reformed Church merged with the General Council of Congregational Christian Churches to form the United Church of Christ. The name of our church changed to reflect that union and became St. Paul's United Church of Christ.

March 9, 1958 - Our congregation held dedication services for our completed church at the corner of Arch and Green Streets. 

A church wedding ceremony in 1960

A wedding in the "new" St. Paul's U.C.C. sanctuary in 1960 


The education wing houses Sunday school rooms, St. Paul's Preschool, and office space.

1970 - The growth in church membership and youth ministries resulted in a need for more space. The St. Paul's congregation embarked on a mission to add more Sunday school rooms and office space by constructing a new two-story education wing (pictured). 


1987 - Continued growth in congregational numbers resulted in a project to construct a choir room and youth room downstairs and a narthex, lounge and nursery above. A new, small elevator connected the sanctuary to the social room and other downstairs spaces.


2018 - We became an Open and Affirming congregation.


2020 - We embraced social media and technology by live streaming worship services and recording other special videos for the first time. This outreach continues today.  

Today - As we look to the future, the members of St. Paul's United Church of Christ remain active in sharing God's word within our community and beyond. We are here to stay!

A more detailed history of the U.C.C. is available through the church office.

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